A T-shirt to support Animal Amnesty

Cows Love Vegans T-shirt

This is an historical T-shirt. And we mean it. 
The Cow Love Vegans T-shirt was designed back in 1990 to support Animal Amnesty, an Italian animal rights organization that introduced the systematic use of Public Relation strategies to advocate for animal rights: events, press kits, celebrities statements, advertising campaigns and much more. A big innovation at the time that brought several issues to the attention of the general public in an official and authoritative way. As a result, fur coats sales dropped, veganism started to spread out and an increasing number of people got sensitized on the matter.

Back in the days, when very few people had an idea about veganism, thanks to this T-shirt funds were raised to fuel important campaigns getting impressive results. Seven years later, for a number of reasons, Animal Amnesty decided to close down and just in more recent years, former volunteers decided to re-open the organization focusing more on direct action.

Now, for the very first time, the Cows Love Vegans T-shirt is available again, not just in white as the original design, but in several colors. And not just in Italy, but worldwide. For each tee sold, €3 will be donated to Animal Amnesty so that this design can keep fueling their animal rights initiatives.
If you like this T-shirts, please share it on social media and encourage your friends to buy one (or more!). If you prefer not to buy the T-shirt, please consider sending a tax deductible donation to Animal Amnesty following this link.

Now: go get your Cows Love Vegans T-shirt!

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