Yoga T-shirts, the meaning of colors

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So you are into yoga and when looking at our T-shirts you are wondering about the meaning of colors. Which color is best for you?

Rule number one: follow your instinct. No way to force yourself to wear a color you don’t feel comfortable in just because you red somewhere that it’s so good for a certain chakra.
Having said that, here a few information related to the colors or our Yoga T-shirts.

Red is one kind of a color, it attracts our attention and it’s particularly vibrant. The fire is red, lava is red, sundown is red… A red flower is very visible on so we are when we wear something red. Our blood is red too. This is not a color for everyone or for every day, wear it when you feel at ease with your... redness!
Check out the T-shirt with the mantra "Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu".

Orange is the color of knowledge and enlightenment. More precisely, an orange saffron or ochre. The same color of the sun rising in the morning. 
You wear this color when you feel a new rising is happening in your life – a new udaya. When a fruit is ripe, orange is the color that manifests. It shows and invites maturity and balance.
The "Yoga is love" T-shirt comes in 11 beautiful colors, one of which is orange.

Yellow is the color of the sun and also of the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, where you feel your strength and personal power. Yellow is a bright optimistic color, generally associated with new beginning and re-birth. When you feel expansive and confident it’s time to grab your yellow T-shirt and enjoy radiating power.
Check out the "Yoga Pop Art Classic" T-shirt!

Green is the color of your heart chakra, Anahata. Trees are green, the Nature is mainly green. This is the color of love and transformation, it supports compassion and it’s said to help integrate lower instincts into a more spiritual path. Green is a color of balance, it helps nourishing relationships and connect with something greater. Hey, here at Vegan T-shirts Shop we currently have two different green options: Light Green and Kelly Green. Which one is your fav?
The Ganesh Namaste T-shirt rocks. Agree?

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, both are vast and beyond our immediate perception. It’s the color of all inclusiveness. Several gods in India have a blue skin because their aura is blue: Rama has a blue skin, Krishna has a blue skin and so does Shiva. Wear it when you feel dynamic and open to the world. BTW, Superman wears electric blue too!
The "Yoga Pink Pop Art" T-shirt is also available in blue. How do you like it?

Indigo is generally associated with the night and it’s said to bring clarity and moments of insights by connecting the left and right brain hemisphere, day and night, life and death. It’s the color of your sixth sense, your third eye. Wear it when you are in the right mood for that.

Violet is the color of the crown chakra, Sahasrara, and in different traditions it’s associated with spirituality. Often used in rituals to bridge our physical material reality to something bigger. It has the highest vibration of the colors of the visible spectrum of light and the shortest wavelength. It’s a special color, not for everyone, not for every day.

White, or aatvarang, is not really a color but it’s considered to be beyond colors, the absence of them. At the same time, the white light contains all the colors, so it’s all-inclusive. It is said that when someone has a white aura is a pure being. Others say that white is the color of perfectionism and therefore not really in tune with life that is constant changing. Having said that… a white T-shirt is perfect to highlight bright colors and when you wear it you wear them all.
The Lotus Namaste T-shirt is available in different shades of white: white, melange white or ecru. 

Black absorbs light and tends to absorb everything. It is said that if you often wear black clothes, you tend to be impacted by any give situation more than others. So if you go where confusion is, you might end up feeling confused, but if you walk in a vibrant space, that’s what you’ll get. Here at Vegan T-shirts Shop we have one black T-shirts at the moment: Tofu Is The New Black.

The Yoga T-shirts have been developed in collaboration with the Yoga Festival, an appointment that you don’t want to miss.


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